RHS-Endorsed Wooden Greenhouse Series

Endorsed by the world-renowned Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain, our innovation and unsurpassed craftsmanship are recognised as world-class. When you invest in a wooden greenhouse, you can be sure that you are purchasing the very best.

Five basic designs make up the Gabriel Ash wooden greenhouse series. A lean-to structure as well as a vinehouse is also available. Each variation of the wooden greenhouse is as attractive as it is unique. Although the Edwardian style of these greenhouses give them the charm and elegance of another era, they easily embrace all forms of modern technology. All of the greenhouses can conveniently be equipped with electricity, heat, and a variety of other useful appliances. The capacity of these greenhouses can be expanded by adding cold frames too.

With the express permission of the Royal Horticultural Society, we here at Gabriel Ash have named three of our wooden greenhouse models after the RHS' most spectacular gardens: the Rosemoor, the Harlow Carr and the Wisely.
The smallest of the wooden greenhouse series, the Rosemoor is a quaint and charming little greenhouse with an old-fashioned Victorian appearance that looks very much at home in a picturesque country setting. The Rosemoor’s cozy outer appearance can be somewhat misleading; once inside, the steep forty-five degree slant of the roof gives one a feeling of open space. With a considerably lower price than some of the other models, this greenhouse offers a great deal of gardening area for a reasonable amount of money. We suggest that this greenhouse can be placed in close proximity to the house, making it an excellent choice for kitchen gardens.

The Hyde Hall is very similar to the Rosemoor, simply larger in size. Next is the most popular greenhouse in the entire series. It has ample interior space, in addition to an insulated base and the roof features the unique Gabriel Ash ridge ventilation along its peak. It includes optional double doors also. The Wisely is made of the same fine Western Red cedar found in all of the other greenhouses in this series, and it can even be built on a durable brick base for increased stability. We can assemble the greenhouse at the consumer’s request or you can handle all of that – its your choice.

The Harlow Carr is the biggest and by far the most magnificent of all of the wooden greenhouses. Its dimensions of 12 by 15 feet offer enough space that walls can be built to divide the greenhouse into separate rooms with diverse growing environments. Double doors are a standard feature of the Harlow Carr, and the vast interior space of this model even allows room for seating, so the avid gardener can relax inside for full enjoyment of the garden.

To view our range of RHS endorsed wooden greenhouses visit our gallery.

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