RHS aiming to boost wildflower population

The Royal Horticultural Society is aiming to boost the declining wildflower population by distributing 2,000 packs of wildflower seeds to Britain in Bloom groups. The society reported that millions of wildflower seeds will be sown on the 14th-15th of April for the launch of RHS Britain in Bloom 2012.

The society is hoping that the 97% of wildflower meadows that have been lost since the 1930s will be replenished. There are currently more than 200,000 community volunteers involved in the “Wild About Wildflowers” scheme.

BBC Bees, Blooms and Butterflies presenter, Sarah Raven, described the scheme as “fantastic”.

“We’re in the process of rediscovering our love for wildflowers so Wild about Wildflowers, is fantastic,” she said.

“Because we have destroyed so much of their natural habitat, it is crucial we restore as many flowers as possible. Our insects have evolved to feed from them and as we destroy more meadows, insect populations will continue to diminish and this is disastrous for the planet.

“We need to love our planet for it to survive and what better way to do this than to engage with it in this way. I can’t wait to see the gorgeous colour that will emerge all over the country over the summer.”