RHS advises on greenhouse ventilation

With the summer here, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has handed out advice on greenhouse ventilation and shading.

The RHS suggests that a shade inside the greenhouse, although useful for protecting from light damage, will do little to control air temperature.

An external shade can help control temperatures but should be adjustable in order to allow you to adapt the shading to suit the changing weather conditions.

In terms of ventilation, the RHS advises that extractor fans or autovents are the most useful means of controlling temperature and moisture.

"The most effective ventilation is provided by ventilators positioned along both sides and the ridge, warm air rising through the top ventilators as air is drawn through the side ventilators," it said on its website.

Those planning on installing a bespoke greenhouse should think carefully of about the best ventilation for them and have it incorporated into the design.