Revolutionary electro-glass product hits US

The US has been given a taste of the future with a revolutionary new glass product that could eventually change the face of the building market forever.

Glass company Rainbow Solar (RSi) has released a transparent photovoltaic glass window that uses the sun to generate electricity, according to

The company is currently ironing out deals that will see the RSi PV-Glass Window installed in new building projects in Hollywood and Las Vegas.

It is capable of generating between 80 and 250 watts of electricity and can be sized up to nine feet by nine feet, implying that it could one day be implemented in the design of bespoke conservatories.

Included in the features of the revolutionary product are an optional built-in electric curtain, to provide control over both temperature and privacy, and a function that converts the sheet of glass into a light panel – effectively negating the need for light bulbs.

It is as yet unclear as to how long it will take for the technology to reach the UK consumer market, but for the eco-conscious it is a very exciting development indeed.

Earlier this year, four per cent of members of the National Association of Estate Agents said that adding a conservatory was the best way to increase the value of a home.