Repairing a broken hosepipe

After a summer of irrigating plants on a regular basis, hosepipes may have been subjected to a certain level of wear and tear.

With this in mind, a lifestyle magazine recently advised garden and greenhouse enthusiasts on how to repair two kinds of damage.

According to In2Town, splits and kinks should be addressed in similar ways, with the only difference being the possible need for a little silicone sealant where it is leaking.

It advised growers to cut a length of spare hose that is slightly larger than the damaged section, which should then be put in hot water to soften.

Once this has been done, it should be cut down its length and wrapped around the weakened part of the pipe like a bandage.

This, according to the magazine, will reinforce any weak points on the hose, stopping them splitting and kinking.

It is also a cost-effective method that means a whole new hose is not required when only one section is damaged.

The magazine also recently gave advice on using plant pots that can be composted once they have served their purpose.