Repair carried out at worlds largest glasshouse

The worlds largest single-span glasshouse has had its first repair after workers replaced one of the 785 panes of glass that form the structure.

At more than eight years old, the Great Glasshouse in Carmarthenshire measures an impressive 374 feet by 204 feet and was designed by Lord Norman Foster, according to the BBC.

The giant greenhouse needed the pane replaced after it shattered around two years ago with some suggesting that pieces of debris fell from a plane.

Workers carried out repairs on the pane as well as on a few faulty window vents, according to garden marketing manager David Hardy.

"About 100 of the 785 windows in the roof open to regulate the humidity, but two or three have been permanently stuck open," he explained.

"While the contractors were here fixing that they were also able to replace the broken pane."

The garden inside the Great Glasshouse attracts over 160,000 visitors annually and is actually tilted seven degrees towards the south to help plants attract more sunlight.

Gardeners can get a taste of the Mediterranean Basin, Costal California and Chile, among others, with the gardens different themes.