Relaxing conservatory retreat designs

Consumers eager to create a soothing atmosphere in their conservatory may be tempted by a design from Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen.

The BBC suggests that people could consider alternatives to traditional seating, such as suspending a sofa on vertical arms from the ceiling, explaining that this will enable it to sway gently and allow the views into the garden to be enjoyed fully.

Simple fabrics such as denim could be used to create banners and blinds, the news provider states, adding that the fabric can be bleached or have decorations added to it before being hung on the walls.

Interiors are shifting towards being more organic and, as such, copper is the perfect element to add a touch of warmth to such a space, it adds.

Meanwhile, online resource UK Home Ideas recently stated that homeware firm Habitats new catalogue highlights the benefits of adopting a cool and calming environment within a space such as a conservatory.