Reigate conservatory seems to float

A glazed pavilion in Surrey makes use of glass qualities to seemingly float in certain light and from particular angles, it has been noted.

Sector commentator Jonathan Glancey makes his comments in a blog on the online pages of the Guardian, noting that the Reigate pavilion, designed by Dominique Perrault, features glass doors, floor-to-ceiling windows and polished stainless steel uprights.

"It positively gleams," Mr Glancey notes, adding that it is as surprising to discover as a Samuel Palmer landscape must have been to his contemporaries.

He adds: "In some lights and from some angles, it appears to hover just above the manicured lawns."

Inside, the edifice features an environmentally-friendly heating system and the floor is covered with artwork in the form of brightly-coloured circles.

Meanwhile, financial services provider the Thrifty Scot suggested that a conservatory can make a big difference to a property, noting that they can provide additional living space and be used throughout the year.