Re-think garden planning, growers told

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been encouraged to re-think how they go about planning their green space when moving home.

According to the Independent, most growers faced with a new plot tend to work from the perimeter to the centre, often leading to the garden becoming what is recognised as the new gardeners blueprint.

This, according to the newspaper, is a green space with a narrow border with little room for expansion, traced by a border path with a lawn in the middle and decking towards the house.

However, it suggests that if Brits plan their garden from the middle outwards then they are more likely to make use of the room available to them.

Another tip is to throw away the pen and paper when designing the plot as this can overcomplicate things and lead to too many features being included.

Instead, horticulturalists should build and plan their garden by eye, adding what they feel is going to be beneficial.

Potential additions to a new garden include a vegetable patch, greenhouse, coldframes, bench, water feature or statues.