Rare tulip on display in The Netherlands

British garden and greenhouse fans who are passionate about horticulture may be tempted to head to The Netherlands this year for a display of extremely rare flowers.

Keukenhof is playing host to an event themed From Russia with Love, with the floral centrepiece representing a giant mosaic of St Basils Cathedral in Moscow, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) reported.

The giant feature has around 65,000 bulbs, which include muscari and carmine red, white and orange tulips.

However, true horticulture enthusiasts are likely to be keen to see the rare Baba Yaga Russian tulip – an almost black variety that is on display in the show gardens along with a number of other eastern cultivars.

It is the first time the Baba Yaga has been shown in The Netherlands and is bound to attract interest from the 800,000 visitors the event draws each year.

The show runs from March 18th to May 16th and could be an ideal way for gardeners to spend a spring vacation.

Meanwhile, those who would rather stay in the UK could visit the renowned rhododendron gardens in Leonardslee, West Sussex, which the RHS reveal are set to close after this season.