Rare Beetle Found In UK

An amateur naturalist from Worcestershire has discovered a rare giant beetle in her garden. Identified by conservation trust Buglife as a European rhinoceros beetle, it is believed to be the first of its kind to be spotted in Britain.

Angie Hill of Martley, Worcestershire, photographed the beetle as she was checking moth traps she uses to count species for the Teme Valley Wildlife Group;

“I saw this huge beetle which was shiny like a conker, and so I grabbed my camera.”

The photograph was sent to Buglife with Mrs Hill presuming it was a large stag beetle, only to be told that the beetle was the first sighting of its kind in Britain.

Matt Shardlow of Buglife said;

“We need to find out whether it is an escaped pet, an accidental introduction, perhaps with wood chips, or whether they are actually breeding in the wild.”

The beetle is said to be harmless so there is no need to worry. Anybody who spots one of the beetles should take a photograph, send it to Buglife, and let it be.

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