Ralph Rapson remembered

Modernist architect Ralph Rapson – who had a passion for sky lights and glass walls in his designs – has died at the age of 93.

Famous for designing the Greenbelt House for the 1940s Case Study House programme in Los Angeles, which incorporated sliding folding doors and extensive glazing, Mr Rapsons houses also became "architectural icons" in Los Angeles, the LA Times reports.

"Glass walls and sky lights helped blur the indoor-outdoor line and accordion-pleated doors were all that divided private from public living spaces inside," the publication notes.

His design of the 1963 Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis involved layers of glass panels and wood to form a screen between the lobby and the elements outside, the interior was re-created after the facility was demolished.

A new multistage theatre opened on the banks of the Mississippi river in June 25th 2006 after plans to create such a facility were approved.

Mr Rapson died of a heart attack on Saturday.