Qatar Embraces Greenhouse Technology

The complex, named Roza Hassad, is 55,000 square metres of high-tech greenhouse technology – the difference between the inside and outside of these greenhouses could not be starker. Stony, hard ground gives way to a luscious secret garden of flowers.

These greenhouses are climatically controlled by computers, and adjusted automatically every 30 seconds, regulating moisture and light conditions in all 16 of the glass structures, recreating the climatic conditions of the Netherlands. Quite a feat we think you’ll agree.

Robin Parker of Cheshire Based greenhouse manufacturer certainly agrees:

“To be able to bring life and greenery to one of the most inhospitable terrains on Earth, is testament to just how far the greenhouse has come, and how important it is to future of development of our civilization.”

Although this is costing obscene amounts of money – Moreau would rather focus on what the project means. In a country where ambitious projects seem to be the hallmark of development, the flowers are just a step on the way”. The main aim of this project is to eventually provide food to a nation in which 90% of all food is imported. This project is about sustainability, food security about development.

Local productivity is incredibly low in Qatar, with farming methods lagging behind the rest of the world. The Qatari government want the country to be producing 60-70% of all its food by 2030, and want to set up a “global alliance of arid areas.” This would involve the drier nations of the planet, providing mutual assistance, in order to combat food shortages.

Whilst this is an ambitious project, and is still in its early genesis, it is certain that the greenhouse will be central to any future success. Long may that continue!

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