Pumpkin tips for Halloween 2010

A national newspaper has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts tips for growing pumpkins for Halloween 2010.

Across the UK, kids will this week be carving the vegetables into scary-looking lanterns to sit on their doorstep or carry around with them.

However, the Guardian noted that the standard supermarket varieties often taste watery and bland, meaning they rarely get eaten.

To ensure Brits are making the most of their Halloween pumpkins, the newspaper has provided a list of seeds that will allow them to grow functional, yet tasty lanterns.

Those looking for a break from the norm might consider Seeds of Italys Marina Di Chiogia, which has a puckered, olive-green skin.

If taste is more of a priority, the newspaper suggested that Brits grow Real Seeds Blue Banana.

The Cheyenne Bush Pumpkin could also be a wise choice, as it offers carvability and flavour.

Halloween takes place on October 31st and is derived from ancient beliefs that the end of summer thinned the gap between this world and the afterlife, allowing spirits to move between them.