Prototype vacuum glass in development

A revolutionary new form of vacuum-insulated glass with internal pillars is currently being developed.

Glass manufacturer Guardian Industries has produced the Guardian VIG, which has a very thin space in the middle, which effectively eliminates two ways in which heat travels – conduction and convection.

The third way in which heat moves – radiation – is not dealt with by a vacuum and as such, one of the glass panels has a low-emissivity coating.

Pillars are used to maintain the spacing between the layers of glass since the vacuum pulls them together.

Online resource Glass on Web explains that the typical thickness of the VIG panel will be between 6.5 – 11mm, depending on the type of glass that is used.

In focus-group testing, Guardian found that around half of the participants were able to see the pillars.

Meanwhile, the resource recently stated that the new SGG Master Shine glass from SGG Masterglass appears astonishingly shiny and can be used in full glass doors, such as those on conservatories.