Protecting your greenhouse with Gabriel Ash

Gabriel Ash greenhouses are designed to help you keep your greenhouse and plants at their best. The Red Cedar greenhouse offered by Gabriel Ash is designed to provide you with everything you need to keep your greenhouse looking good, offering a better place for your plants to grow. This particular design ages well and offers plenty of functionality and natural beauty, meaning that it will require less maintenance.

Although some greenhouses may require less maintenance than others, there are steps that you will need to take to protect your greenhouse. If you have children or pets, then your garden is likely to be a busy area, which could result in your greenhouse being damaged. Check regularly to see if the glass panes of your greenhouse are cracked of broken. If so, then the panes will need to be replaced, either by you or a company. Extra care should always be taken when replacing the panes yourself.

If you do not have under floor heating installed in your greenhouse, then you may want to consider it, as this will be beneficial to your plants in winter. Extra lights will also help your plants on darker evenings, so you may want to consider installing some. If you do decide to install any extra light or heating, then be sure to check that it is switched off if you are planning to leave the greenhouse for a while. Heating or lighting will also need to be switched off if you are planning to clean your greenhouse thoroughly.

Removing any garden objects from the floor will also make your greenhouse tidier and safer. Cluttering your greenhouse may result in accidents and will provide less space for your plants to grow, so it is important that you throw out anything you don’t need so that your greenhouse will remain safe and tidy.

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