Protecting your crops in winter

During the winter period, your crops will need extra protection to ensure that they remain healthy.

Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of accessories such as greenhouse heaters and vents to help you keep your plants at their best during the colder months. If you are planning to grow your plants outdoors however, then there are a number of steps that you can take to keep them healthy during winter.

Newly planted perennials, shrubs and roses will need extra protection during winter, so provide them with shelter, extra insulation and thick mulch to keep them healthy.
Store any vulnerable plants in your home, conservatory or greenhouse during winter to keep them protected.

To keep any vegetable plants such as carrots protected during winter, use bedding straw. Cold frames are also ideal for providing your plants with extra protection and insulation during winter. Cold frames are suitable for all types of gardens and are available in a variety of sizes.

If your garden is packed with dead leaves or plant stems then use them to create nutrient-rich compost. Instead of throwing away household waste such as tea bags or corrugated cardboard, use them to make healthy mulch for your plants to help keep them at their best.
It is recommended that you use mulch that is at least four inches thick.

During the winter, your indoor crops will also need to be protected. If you are planning to grow a selection of plants in your greenhouse, then add extra heating or lighting.
Insulate your greenhouse and consider adding a temperature control system or a thermometer so that you can monitor the temperature within your greenhouse. Keep your greenhouse in good condition and free from clutter to create a healthier environment for your plants during winter.

You can also protect your crops during winter by ensuring that your garden is tidy and organised.
Sweep your garden paths, mow your lawns and remove any dead plants. Make sure that any wooden furniture is covered or moved indoors to protect it from frost and reduce the risk of it rotting and creating an unhealthy atmosphere for your garden and plants.
Store any garden tools in your shed or greenhouse during the winter.
Any electrical items or tools must be stored away to prevent them from being damaged by frost and becoming unsuitable for use.

Protecting your garden tools will keep them in good condition and ready for use on your plants and lawn when spring comes round.  

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