Protecting the garden from crime

An insurance firm has warned gardeners to protect the contents of their land this summer.

More Than suggested erecting a fence and gates to help deny burglars access to the side and rear of the property.

It suggested thieves may also be put off by high-efficiency, low-energy lighting, which illuminates the garden and greenhouse between dusk and dawn.

The firm suggested modern gardens can be a honey pot for light-fingered criminals.

"A quick scan around the average family garden and you could find a state-of-the-art barbeque, outdoor heaters, expensive garden furniture and other garden paraphernalia that all adds up to a hefty amount," the insurer said.

Other tips offered by More Than include planting prickly bushes around the garden perimeter to ward off any would-be trespassers.

Speaking on behalf of AlertMe, reformed burglar Michael Fraser explained criminals will often look for weak points in a propertys security, such as an unsuitable lock on a greenhouse or gate.