Protected cultivation increases vegetable yields for Indian farmers

Greenhouse technology is the solution being used by Indian farmers to counteract the problems of rising vegetable prices and increased demand due to population growth.

The benefits from the super-sized greenhouses naturally increase yields and bring prices down.

“Protected cultivation” is the name given to their methods of protecting against pests and temperature variation in order to grow more.

The Centre for Protected Cultivation Technology (CPCT) has spent the last ten years looking into and improving systems of high tech protected farming of vegetables.  They have developed and implemented systems such as micro irrigation and fertilisation, rain water harvesting, naturally regulated ventilation, insect-proof net-houses and a walk-in tunnel technology.  All help to protect against pests and seasonal weather changes to provide a reliable year-round supply of vegetables.

Of course, Gabriel Ash’s garden-sized greenhouses also help to deter infestations of pests and maintain temperature and our heat sensitive wax pistons allow automatic venting or manual control and encourage uniform growing conditions throughout the greenhouse. 

So there’s less opening and closing of windows for you to do whilst your yield increases too.  Can’t be bad.

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Author: Robert Smith