Property magazine talks conservatories

A top London property magazine has been extolling the virtues of adding a conservatory or glazed extension.

It suggests an ultra-modern frameless look that connects the living space with the garden and says that, as they are often bespoke, there is a conservatory to suit every style of property.

The article in the London Magazine advises that a conservatory is the easiest way to add space to the home.

"Theres no need to limit it to just one level either, a double-height glazed extension can be used to connect the basement and the first floor as well as providing extra space," it reads.

"To this, you can add an electrically controlled sliding roof and sliding glass doors – so that on those days the climate turns Mediterranean, you can make the most of it without ever leaving the house."

Having a glazed extension adds light and air to the home and allows an alfresco dining feel if added to the kitchen or dining room.

A recent study showed that a large proportion of Brits feel they would use their garden more if they had a conservatory.