Property expert advises loft conversion to add value

A top home improvement expert has suggested that adding extra rooms to the home is a great way of increasing its appeal when it eventually comes to selling.

Adding a conservatory or converting the loft are both excellent ways of making the most of the space available to you and are becoming increasingly popular as a result of an inhospitable housing market.

National Home Improvement Council director Andrew Leech has said that the recent changes to regulation have made it much easier to add an extra room to the home and this can only be a good thing for home-owners.

"Any extra rooms you can add, add value to your house and there is no doubt about that.," he said.

He said that loft conversions, which often involve adding a roof light are "one of the easiest ways to go, providing you get the thing right".

With that advice in mind, it would be best to trust experts to do the job to help ensure the improvement reaches its potential.

The new planning regulations being set out in parliament could mean that from October next year, most UK home-owners wont need planning permission when extending their homes.