Pro-active sellers could get jump on property market

Those considering selling their home should be more proactive in the way they present it, according to a leading property advice company.

With the market currently in turmoil and house prices continuing to fall, sellers are being forced to do all they can to make their home more attractive and valuable to help attract buyers and avoid gazundering.

Rightmove commercial director Miles Shipshide said that sellers who think outside the box might fare better than others.

"People who are prepared to wait longer [to sell], Im sure they become disillusioned and blame the market whereas actually they need to be a bit more proactive to sell."
A great way to improve the value and attractiveness of the home would be to add a conservatory or glazed extension to the home.

Not only would this give it extra value and appeal to potential buyers, it would make it a more pleasant place to live in the meantime while the search for a buyer continues.

A Zoopla! survey recently revealed that 97.3 per cent of UK properties have declined in value over the past 12 months, perhaps suggesting that it would be better to improve than move.