Prison teaches inmates the benefits of greenhouse gardening

An innovative scheme is underway at Liverpool Prison to help re-educate offenders and give them a chance at a career other than crime when they are finally released.

From Greenhouse to Kitchen is the Victorian prisons lifeline to its inmates looking to better themselves, according to the Guardian.

The scheme teaches convicts about the benefits of growing your own fruit and veg under glass as well as how healthy eating can improve your life.

Head of learning Lynda Oakley explained how the project developed into something that can change inmates lives.

"We initially set out to be a positive influence on offenders choices about growing their own produce and eating healthily, and to set up a course with accreditation," she told the paper.

"We also wanted them to learn how to purchase goods within a budget.

"However, as the course progressed, relationships were built up with employers, allowing ex-prisoners to enter the employment market and giving them opportunities for further training and development."

Owning a greenhouse can open up a number of possibilities for garden-lovers. Growing your own fruit and veg can be fun and healthy but a larger greenhouse gives the chance to make enough to sell to neighbours and friends to profit from your talent.