Prince urges Brits to grow their own

The next king has urged Britain to get its hands dirty and grow its own way through the credit crunch.

Prince Charles suggested that UK gardeners grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs to help save money.

The Prince of Wales made the statement whilst speaking at the Garden Organic Golden Jubilee celebrations in Ryton.

He said Brits should use their greenhouses, gardens and window boxes for food growing in order to battle prices.

"At a time when food sovereignty is becoming an increasing issue with high fuel prices, there cannot be a better time to encourage people to grow their own food where possible," he said.

"It doesnt need an acre of garden; a window box is a very good start."

Recent statistics from the horticultural trades association show that there has been a 31 per cent increase in sales of vegetable seed to householders.

Those looking to grow their own should put their green house to good use, speeding up the process.