Preventing wilting

Many gardeners find their success curtailed by common problems which are usually avoidable.

Some in Britain this summer may find their plants wilting, but this is not necessarily down to a lack of water.

With all the rain we are having, plants can suffer from having too much water so gardeners should investigate to see whether the problem is too much or too little and act accordingly.

Plants suffering these symptoms outside may benefit from a spell under glass as conditions are much more easily controlled.

A good greenhouse allows the level of heat, light and moisture to be regulated until the specimen is fit for re-planting outside.

A major warning sign that a plant is beginning to wilt is when its leaved begin to wilt.

This is often followed by the leaves becoming dry and losing their colour.

Early detection can help prevent plants wilting and is the best form of a cure as it halts a problem before it has begun.