Preparing your greenhouse for summer

A greenhouse offers you the freedom of growing a wide selection of plants all year round. Gabriel Ash offers greenhouses of different styles and sizes, allowing you to be provided with a structure to suits your needs and compliments your garden perfectly.
Here are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your greenhouse is ready for the summer.

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for gardeners and there are a number of tasks that you can carry out to make sure that your greenhouse is prepared for the warmer months.
Making sure the conditions within your greenhouse are suitable for your plants will increase your chances of growing them successfully.  

As summer approaches, you will need to make sure that the glass panels of your greenhouse are cleaned to allow your plants plenty of access to sunlight. Check for any cracks or other signs of damage on the panels and replace any that are broken.
Remove any insulation from your greenhouse.

During the summer, there is the risk of your greenhouse becoming overheated. To avoid this problem and to create a healthier atmosphere for your plants, make sure your greenhouse is well ventilated.
There are a number of different ventilation systems available that can be installed in a greenhouse.

Consider adding a thermometer so that you can keep an eye on the temperature and keep the doors of your greenhouse open to allow more access to air. You also consider adding shade cloths, which will help to ventilate your greenhouse.

If you have plants that are still dormant from the winter, then bring them out of their dormancy by watering them. This will help to prepare them for their summer growth.

Tidy out your greenhouse and remove any dead plants or debris that has collected over winter. Making sure your greenhouse is not cluttered will provide your summer plants with more room to grow.

During the summer, there is an increased risk of pests and plant diseases occurring. Check your greenhouse for any signs of pest problems or for any infected plants. Remove any plants that are infected with disease, making sure that you throw out the soil with them. Avoid overheating your greenhouse, as the warmer temperatures can increase the risk of disease.

If you do experience problems with diseases or pests, then use organic methods of pest or plant disease removal. Some insect repellents and fungicides may contain chemicals that are not only harmful to your plants but also to yourself and others. Choosing safer methods to tackle pest or plant disease will reduce the risk of any further harm being caused.
There are a wide range of organic pest sprays and fungicides available.  

As summer is a busy time for gardeners, you will be likely to be using your gardening tools more often. Check that your tools are in good condition.
Clean them and replace any that are broken. Keep the tools that you are likely to need the most, such as your watering can, in a place where you will be able to easily retrieve them, as this will make it quicker and more convenient when it comes to caring for your plants during the summer.

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