Preparing Your Garden for Spring

January is the time that all serious gardeners start planning their labours of love for the next twelve months. The chance to start afresh applies to both everyday life, and the garden you have cared for and carefully cultivated in years gone by.

Where to start? The first step should be to analyse your current gardening year critically; What went wrong? What was successful? Would you approach things differently? Was space a factor? Were you happy with your overall look?

Theoretically, cramming as many plants and flowers into your garden should yield best results, but this is incorrect. Your plants need room to breathe and grow to their full potential. You also need to have space to move about your garden. You need to be able to access all of your plants all of the time, without damaging anything in your path.

Why not draw up a map of which plants you want and where to locate them? Think about colours, shapes and heights of your flowers, so the smaller blooms aren’t lost amongst the foliage. You can also use this method to plan your garden “per season” as your plants will have differing blooming periods.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll soon have an organised and efficient system in place, utilising time and space to its maximum. Happy gardening!

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Author: Robert Smith

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