Preparing gardens for autumn and spring

The time for preparing gardens and greenhouses for spring and squeezing out some autumn colours is almost upon us.

As such, Shelby gardener Suzanne Souva has given Source Newspapers readers some hints for the new season.

The enthusiast explained that she and her husband have been dead-heading summer flowers in order to make way for autumnal varieties.

However, gardeners now face a choice of what to plant and Ms Souva explained that this can be all important.

"Deciding what colours of flowers will go where [and] determining where plants should be placed based on height and width is art to me," she told the news provider, adding that her garden is like an ever-changing canvas.

Garden and greenhouse owners should try to time their planting so that a new species is in bloom just as another is dying out to prolong the season of interest, the expert added.

In other news, gardening is one of the activities recently recommended in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on healthy living.