Preparing for autumn

As August approaches and summer starts to come to an end, changes in the garden mean that changes are also necessary to a gardeners behaviour to ensure a trouble-free autumn.

It is important to look around your garden around this time and take note of what could be improved upon and which plants you would like to keep.

Now is the time to cut any flowers to dry out to be used in future decorations.

Cuttings should be taken of the plants you wish to preserve and it should be around this time that you start to order any roots for planting in late autumn.

Take note of the health of your garden and act against any ailment afflicting your plants.

It is also useful to pay attention to the lawn as the colder months approach. It should be given a final feed and be prepared if you intend to re-seed it next year.

Finally, check all ties and supports to ensure your plants can stand up to the harshness of autumn and winter weather.