Prepare the garden for spring by neatening things up

Now is a great time for greenhouse enthusiasts to get stuck into the jobs that will spruce up their garden ready for spring, an expert has stated.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Rosemary Alexander listed the tasks she believes are the most important.

Firstly, making sure all gateways and entrances are clean and tidy is a good start, she explained.

After that, it is well worth neatening up hedges and boundary fences, Ms Alexander continued, as well as indulging in some last-minute pruning.

"Remove branches that are crossed, preventing air from circulating, or casting deep shade below. Newly planted trees may also benefit from the early removal of a few overcrowded branches," the expert remarked.

Finally, give tree trunks a good scrub using some warm water and a scourer, she concluded.

Another tip for revamping an outside space in readiness for spring is to tidy up the fringes of a lawn, the Shropshire Star suggested.