Potting parties to get kids into gardening

Greenhouse and garden lovers looking to get their kids interested in their pastime may be interested to hear of a new activity.

The Potting Party is designed to keep kids busy while teaching them valuable lessons about nature and horticulture.

Youngsters are given a choice of vegetables, fruits and herbs to plant in a group session using pots they have decorated themselves.

Gardeners can hold the party on their own or by ordering a Potting Party Pack online from urban-allotments.com.

They include pots, baby plants, compost and stickers, as well as a number of tips on how to care for the varieties.

Company spokesperson Sarah Kent explained: "Theyre the ultimate green party and hopefully by enjoying the party children will get interested in growing their own and start thinking about where food comes from."

It recently emerged that staff are growing vegetables in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, while Gordon Brown and wife Sarah have reportedly started a kitchen garden at Downing Street.