Potatoes can be planted now

Early potatoes can be planted now, as gardening enthusiasts prepare for April and the showers, it has been asserted.

Alison Young makes her comments in the South Wales Echo, noting that they should have spent some time in a shed or greenhouse to provide them with a chance to produce strong and sturdy roots.

She explains that they should be buried at least four inches deep to make sure that they do not appear above the soil too soon and become affected by a sudden late frost.

Continuing, Ms Young suggests that horticulturalists should check to see if the soil is warm enough before planting seeds.

She suggests that if a gardener is able to place their palm flat on the ground and not have a chill run up their arm then it will be a suitable temperature for seeds.

Meanwhile, the Guardian recently reported that an increasing number of people are opting to grow vegetables instead of flowers, noting that Britons are becoming some of the most prolific growers in Europe.