Positive signs in housing industry

The mortgage market is showing "very positive signs", an expert has suggested.

Homeowners who have invested in a home improvement such as a conservatory may find the addition could give them an extra feature when it comes to selling their property.

Mortgage specialist Alexander Hall believes it is only a matter of time before sales become more frequent.

Chief operating officer Andy Pratt cited recent figures and suggested the indicators look good in some sections of the housing industry.

"The positive areas of the market are … where there has been a pick-up in the number of applicants and the number of people that are interested in buying," he asserted.

A recent survey by Paragon Mortgages found advisers typically expect to do 3.6 per cent more business in the second quarter of this year than they did in the first.

Furthermore, The British Bankers Association recently reported a rise in the number of mortgage approvals in April.