Positive signs, but property market recovery could be slow

Homeowners considering whether to move or improve have reason to be positive about the property market, but should not expect the recovery to be immediate, it has been claimed.

Some face a choice between buying a larger residence or creating more room in their existing one with a modification such as a roof light and loft conversion or a glazed extension.

With the latest Land Registry figures showing a slight improvement in house values across England and Wales, Duclalian head of consulting Timothy Lambert suggested there are reasons positivity.

"If the pattern of price movements seen in the first half of the year is repeated over the second half, then prices could show only a small single digit fall for 2009 as a whole," he said.

Mr Lambert added this would be a big change from trends seen at the end of 2008, when it seemed prices would continue to plummet.

A recent report by Ratedpeople.com found a good conservatory could increase the value of a home by around five per cent.