Pool house or conservatory can enhance a property

A holiday lettings expert has said that house owners can not only up the value of their property, but make it a lot more attractive to prospective buyers or renters by making unique additions.

When asked about what makes a property attractive, Holidaylettings.co.uk managing director Ross Elder said its the things that make it stand out from the norm.

"I think it comes down more to the owners looking at what their individual property has to offer, what unique selling points their property has," he said.

"Does it have the facilities on the property? And little touches like a Jacuzzi, rather than a bath – not very expensive to put in but it actually differentiates the property."

"At the end of the day it comes down to the unique selling points of their property.and the access to the property."

Adding a bespoke conservatory or a pool house can make a property stand out and make it the envy of neighbours and prospective renters.