Police advise gardeners to use their hobby to secure their home

Police in Warwickshire have advised gardeners to use their hobby to help secure their home, garden and greenhouse from burglars.

According to the Coventry Telegraph, gardeners have been told that taking small measures such as growing prickly plants and choosing what to surface paths with could make all the difference when it comes to deterring criminals.

A gravel path and thorny plants can be off-putting to burglars and the police advice is that hedges and plants are kept trimmed back to cut down on hiding places.

"Burglars often look to enter your home via the rear garden where they are less likely to be seen," Det Sgt Martyn Stephens told the newspaper.

"But if you combine a range of security measures, they will be less inclined to risk being seen, and wont want to negotiate prickly plants."

Surrounding windows and the greenhouse with plants like common hawthorn, rosa rugosa rubra and holly are all good ideas for warding off those looking to break in.

Legend has it that in the 13th century, an army led by King Haakon of Norway attempted to sneak up on Scottish clansmen while they slept during an invasion.

Removing their shoes for stealth, the Norwegian invaders didnt count on standing on Scotlands national flower – the prickly thistle.

The soldiers screams awoke the sleeping Scots, and led to their demise.