Poisonous Flowers at Royal Wootton Bassett Park

The potentially poisonous flowers known as corncockles have been removed from Royal Wooton Bassett after mistakenly being planted by a group of Brownies.

The problem was highlighted by amateur photographer Mike Mckee, who spotted the red flowers in Jubilee Park.

Corncockles were thought to have been eradicated from the UK, although they have been having something of resurgence recently after being spotted in numerous locations across the country.

The unusual looking red flower can have potentially harmful effect to human beings. Guy Barter, chief advisor at the Royal Horticultural Society said;

“They are poisonous and harmful – but as long as you wash your hands thoroughly you should be ok.”

The flowers have now been fenced off and will be cut back and all traces removed in a bid to stop the spread of this harmful flower.