Poinsettia Christmas revival continues

With Christmas fast approaching, one trend has carried through from last December, according to gardening expert Stephen Lacey.

The poinsettia was a popular gardeners choice last year and is proving to have longevity in terms of fashion.

The festive red plant will be used to decorate the homes of many a gardener this year but the garden expert explained in the Telegraph that it wasnt always this way.

The poinsettia, once considered the height of horticultural vulgarity, would traditionally never have been used to deck the halls, but it has enjoyed a transformation in reputation over the last few years.

The cheery looking plant has been re-born following the creation of better specimens by nurseries.

They are also reasonably priced and are available in deep red, pink or white.

"Put it in a nice warm, bright spot, keep it watered, sing carols around it," advises Mr Lacey.

It is important not to forget to tend to the plants in the greenhouse over the festive period – with so much going on, it is easy to forget to water vulnerable plants.