Plus side to global warming

Despite the numerous and well documented downsides to global warming, a gardening expert has said that it could have one major benefit for inventive British gardeners.

With the warmer weather and the use of a greenhouse in winter, Caroline Donald suggests that this could be the best time for growing exotic trees such as peach, fig and olive in the UK since around 700 AD.

Ms Donald wrote in the Times that the increased temperatures meant that gardeners were now less restricted in what they can grow, with some growing mulberries, medlars and quinces, whose unusual fruits are a bonus.

Those looking to grow more exotic trees such as figs should order the bare root plants around now and plant them in a pit around two feet deep and three feet wide against a sunny wall. This should stop roots spreading.

Investing in dwarf varieties such as Terrace Amber (peach) and Terrace Ruby (nectarine) is a good idea as they can be grown in pots and easily transferred to the greenhouse during the harsher winter months.