Plenty to look forward to in 2011, expert says

The coming year could be an interesting one for gardeners and greenhouse enthusiasts, it has been revealed.

In an article for the Scotsman, Louisa Pearson said black petunias, ‘eco-scaping’ and a change of personnel on the BBC show Gardeners’ World are just some of the things to look forward to.

Ms Pearson explained that Monty Don’s imminent return to the TV programme could lead to a resurgence in vegetable growing, due to his well-known passion for them.

She went on to explain that the Garden Media Group believe more and more people will want to get involved in growing native plants through what it calls eco-scaping.

Neil Fishlock of the organisation revealed he expects an increase in the number of small, self-contained gardens, in which limited space is maximised.

He added that the black petunia will be very popular, as will dahlias and begonias.

"Flowers that are quick and easy to plant, care for and quick to grow will be very much in fashion this year," Mr Fishlock remarked.

A recent study research company Global Industry Analysts revealed the worldwide market for garden products has been boosted by the global economic downturn and looks set to continue to grow this year.