Plants suggestions for flooding gardens

Horticulturalists whose gardens frequently flood have been given advice on the appropriate flora to invest in.

Jane Owen makes her comments in the Times, suggesting that "thirsty" trees such as Dawn redwood, swamp Cyprus and Royal fern will take up some excess moistures and if placed in suitable locations will also protect other foliage from frosts in the colder months.

Meanwhile, for gardening enthusiasts who suffer from arid conditions in the summer, she suggests that digging in a large amount of organic matter such as compost or mulch into soil will improve it, adding that straw may also be a sensible suggestion.

"It is also worth trying to catch some of the winter rains to use in the summer. An underground tank is one solution, a large pool another," Ms Owen concludes.

Meanwhile, the Buckingham Adviser was recently told that empty cardboard boxes, tissues and used kitchen paper can be incorporated into compost that can in turn be used in the garden.