Plants need to grow seamlessly

Plants must grow as seamlessly as possible to allow them to develop and become resistant to diseases, it has been stated.

Anna Pavord makes her comments in the Independent, stating that flora which is kept inside when it should be in the garden will become "spindly and weak" and that the roots will lose their ability to thrust through the ground.

She adds that it may be wise for gardeners to wait for temperatures to rise a little as the difference in heat between propagators and the garden soil can be significant.

Ms Pavord notes that one of the biggest gambles is the weather, since last year saw relatively little rain in March and April and then a very wet summer.

"Anyone who started to grow vegetables for the first time last year may already have gone off the whole idea. Please try again. Its worth it," she concludes.

Meanwhile, reporter Rosa Steppanova recently wrote in the Shetland Times that March is the ideal to sow vegetables such as cabbages or onions under glass.