Plants for a Rainier Britain

The last few summers have really been a disappointment for those of us who are into a spot of gardening. Many of the traditional plants, flowers and vegetables that Britons are used to cultivating in our gardens and allotments are simply failing because of the changing climactic conditions that our fair isle has experienced. This is forcing us to change our gardening habits, and maybe even have a re-think as to which plants suit our changing environment.  Here are a few hints and tips for a more successful summer out in the garden;

1)      Darwin’s Snow Sprite – Delicate and loose white plumes emanate from this lovely little plant. Flowering between July and September, they can survive a summer flooding and come out the other end smiling.

2)      Eupatorium Maculatum Phantom – Lovely open headed pink flowers on scarlet red stems. They grow to about 90cm tall and flower between August and October. They attract insects such as butterflies and bees to your garden, which will help pollination and spreading of seeds.

3)      Willow Trees – Excellent in wetter areas – they excel in the rain and have a great capacity to absorb water, allowing you to grow plants that might prefer drier climates. If you live in Western Britain, a willow in destined to be a great success.

4)      Cycads – Large plants that can almost be classed as a canopy plant when at full size. They are one of the oldest forms of life on Earth, which tells its own story. They are beautiful and are almost indestructible, require no maintenance and are immune to fungi. They require a lot of space but Cycads can be stunning.

5)      Agapanthus – Quite large plants that flower and absorb large amounts of water. They tend to form in clumps which aids water retention, and therefore are great for those drought months that the east of Britain suffers

6)      Ferns – The fern has a bit of a drab reputation, but some are beautiful. The Royal fern or Lady Fern can be a great addition to your garden, especially in shady damp areas. Kudos must also be given to the fact that they are one of the oldest plants in the world.

7)      Broccoli and Cauliflower – Their roots thrive in soil without prolonged dry spells.

8)      Kale – This herb will grow in both winter and summer, is frost resistant and loves damp soil. Also tastes great!

If you know of any plants, vegetables or flowers that thrive in wetter conditions please do share them with us. We love to hear from you!

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