Plants can grow anywhere

Greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested to hear the opinion of one expert who believes everyone can grow sumptuous vegetables, regardless of how little space they may have.

Damian Cardozo, managing director of gardening products manufacturer Haxnicks, said people can use balconies, patios or any area they have available to grow produce, provided they look after them.

He went on to stress that regularly watering plants is the most important task when growing them at home, as it is the "easiest thing in the world to forget".

Mr Cardozo added that growing organisms successfully early on is essential for individuals to keep on working with them year after year.

"A lot of people will try to grow stuff, then actually it will end up not working out too well and then they get bored with it and don’t come back again," he explained.

The British Retail Consortium announced recently that retail sales figures for the gardening sector in January 2011 were up compared with December