Planting record attempt partially successful

A group of garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have failed in a world record attempt, despite planting around 500,000 trees.

The BBCs Tree OClock initiative saw thousands of people join together in an effort to plant the most trees in a single hour.

Although it fell short of the 654,143 saplings planted in the Philippines in 2006, the scheme managed to break one record.

Teams were split into groups of 100 in an attempt to break the record for the most trees planted in an hour by a group of no more than 100.

Three teams achieved this, with a group from Londonderry in Northern Ireland grabbing the new record for themselves.

More than 26,000 saplings were planted in Gransha Woods, breaking the previous total by more than 8,000.

In other news, the Royal Horticultural Society has decided to add Pak Choi to its trials menu, which could see it given an Award of Garden Merit if tests are successful.