Plant choices could give a tropical feel to the greenhouse

The right choice of plants can make the garden feel somewhat like a tropical paradise, according to the Independents Emma Townshend.

Describing the view from the Glasshouse at Wisley, Ms Townshend explains that even the rain does not dampen her spirits as she looks out at the brugmansias and other exotic looking plants.

She explains that brugmansias are almost synonymous with one man in the UK, who also supplied the Wisley variety.

That man is Italian Luigi Valducci, who gave some advice on how best to keep the plant.

"I started 43 years ago with three cuttings, and now I have 80 varieties – the largest private collection in Europe," Mr Valducci told the reporter.

"I send plants all over the world.

"Prune them, then stop feeding, water very moderately, and keep them frost-free – something like a garage, but best of all a conservatory; they might even keep flowering there."

A conservatory or greenhouse can be a valuable tool for growing exotic plants and storing them in winter.