Plans could see new wave of conservatory construction

Controversial new plans from the government could see homeowners lose the right to improve their property, it has been alleged.

In a move that is likely to see a wave of homeowners move quickly to add conservatories and glazed extensions while they can, the government is contemplating changing the way in which planning permission is granted by giving local authorities the power to veto planning decisions.

Betternest chief executive and permitted development expert Simon Smith claims that permitted development rights could soon be a thing of the past.

He explained that things could become much more difficult if local authorities were handed more power over private property development decisions.

"You have to understand the motivation of the local authority," he said.

"They do not like permitted development, it is a thorn in their side."

Planning permission is currently not needed for a number of minor improvements such as adding a small conservatory or a loft extension, according to Planning Portal.

But this could all change if councils take over the power from central government, sparking a possible panic wave of home improvements.