Pineapple school

It may be difficult to grow pineapples in UK climes – your best chance of success would be a heated Gabriel Ash greenhouse – so a group of pineapple growers from West Bengal have chosen to go to Brazil to learn about their cultivation.

Once educated, they will be able to grow a greater number of varieties than the single ‘Joint Q’ pineapple that they currently grow. They will then be part of an export zone to increase international trade.

Brazil exports fresh pineapples and the universities and research centres in Sao Paolo, the Amazon region and Rio de Janeiro have a wealth of experience of growing different varieties that they can share with the Bengali pineapple farmers.

Some people in the UK have grown pineapples by taking the tops of bought pineapples, planting them in compost and giving them plenty of warmth and light.  Why not try one in your greenhouse or kitchen window.  ‘Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg’ magazine have some online instructions – see:

Author: Robert Smith