Pet owners need to prepare their garden

It has been advised this week that there are a number of things people can do to protect their garden from the family pet.

According to the Associated Press, gardeners can often fall victim to the keen, playful antics of pets – and dogs in particular.

It has suggested a few measures gardeners can employ to pooch-proof their beloved lawn.

The news agency reports that a recent demonstration garden at a US event showed that clearly defined pathways and raised beds can be a simple way to divert dogs away from certain areas and that choosing the right plants is also key.

However, it is also noted that making sure a garden is not harmful to your pet is equally important and David Mizejewski, a spokesman for the National Wildlife Federation, said limiting the use of chemicals is central to this.

"Add more garden beds with native plants that dont require extra watering and chemicals and intensive care," he advised.

In a recent feature entitled 10 tips for a greener yard, Quad City Times noted that limiting the amount of lawn fertiliser, herbicides and insecticides was essential to a greener garden.