Pest control in your Gabriel Ash Greenhouse

One of the main problems encountered when growing plants in your greenhouse is pests. Gabriel Ash offers a variety of high quality greenhouses, including the Western Red cedar greenhouse, which is rot resistant and produces an aroma that is pleasant and helps to repel insects.

Aphids, slugs and whitefly are common greenhouse pests which if not kept under control, can seriously damage your plants. Keeping any pests at bay will enable you to provide your plants and greenhouse with a much healthier atmosphere.

When removing greenhouse pests, you may wish to consider using methods that will not damage your plants. Many insect repellents contain chemicals that will not only damage your plants but also cause an unhealthy atmosphere for yourself. There are a number of organic pest removal methods that you can use that will keep your plants healthy and provide a much better atmosphere within your greenhouse.

Blasting of water or placing sticky traps within your greenhouse are just a few of the safe methods that you can use to remove pests. Garden pests can also be removed by enticing predators to your garden, such as birds and hedgehogs. Placing bird baths or seed in your garden will attract birds and help to keep pesky insects at bay. Some types of bugs, such as ladybugs and lacewings, will also help to remove garden pests.

There are a variety of natural remedies available that will help to keep garden pests at bay. You can also choose from a selection of insect traps and chemical free pesticides to remove pests from your greenhouse without causing harm to your plants. Using chemical free pesticides will not only create a much healthier atmosphere for your plants and greenhouse but also for the rest of your garden.

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